Shukokai Karate (Adult Classes) in Fife

Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland, is part of the Kobe Osaka International group with over 40 world karate orginisations in its' membership. Headed by Sensei Tommy Morris 8th dan and presidential adviser to the World Karate Federation. Visit Sensei Tommy's website (www.worldkarate.net).

Back in the early sixties Sensei Tommy brought karate to Scotland. Not only was he the forefather of Scottish structured karate,  but he had the insight to bring Sensei Kimura, 10th Dan, to our shores. Watch the video below from youtube to see what we're all about!

First Time Students – White to Black Belt

The program at Shukokai Fife has been tailored by Sensei Tommy Morris and Sensei Steven Morris to meet with prospective students needs, this ensures that each and every beginner who joins our club is taken through a modular training program that offers everyone the possibility of achieving the prestigious ‘Black Belt’ from an association where earning a Black Belt means something in all corners of the world.

Experience Shukokai Karate For Yourself

Shukokai Fife has shaped itself around teaching and training methods and a learning environment designed specifically to get the best out of students. The sincerity and seriousness of a traditional dojo (place of training) is maintained in a fun, safe and relaxed training environment.

All instructors within ‘Kobe Osaka Scotland’ have not only met the requirements and exams of the Scottish Karate Governing Body, but they also come under the umbrella of ‘Kobe Osaka International' and Sensei Tommy Morris. This ensures that all instructors have attained their highest teaching level and are of moral character. They are a team of instructors that mix the modern methods of sports coaching with the effective methods of martial arts instruction, to ensure that each individual student is taught to their strengths - we do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to training martial arts.

 It only takes a class or two for students to recognise for themselves, that not only will they achieve what they might otherwise have thought unachievable, but that they will enjoy what might otherwise be unenjoyable.

Excellence is a Habit

Shukokai Fife and Kobe Osaka Scotland is recognised within the boundaries of Fife, and nationally, Scotland, as having the finest of coaching staff, bringing a unique blend of experience, teaching styles and personalities to teach at every class. The result of this coaching is a record of achievement, that is unparalleled within the history of Scottish karate. Check out our chief instructors profiles, but of course our success is not owned by a privileged few within the Kobe Osaka, but is repeated regularly by our clubs members, at beginner, intermediate and senior level.

This Kobe Osaka success has been repeated with generations of students - as we often state within our clubs ‘Excellence is a habit’. This excellence is achieved not only through the dedication of our Fife coaching staff and the encouragement of our junior member’s parents, but by our students being members of the aforementioned governing bodies, giving them an ‘equal opportunity’ to train with the SKGB coaches and Sensei Steven Morris remembering that Sensei Steven is ‘Scottish Karate’s Highest Ever International Medal Winner’. 







Kobe Osaka Scotland is measured by its results, but recognised by its method: Karate is taught at Kobe Osaka as an authentic, practical, and effective system of ‘civilian self protection’. Contrary to popular misconception. Karate is not intended for use on an ancient battlefield, between monks, or as an unarmed defence against armed attackers.

In actual fact, Shukokai Karate is a system of self protection, that aims to teach the common person the methods by which they can appropriately defend themselves against what has always been the most common methods of unarmed attack. By teaching an effective system of self-protection, based on effective solutions to common assaults, students quickly learn the techniques appropriate for self protection.

However, as well as understanding the techniques, students are taught the background knowledge necessary to be able to recall and apply these techniques under the sudden and traumatic effects of ‘Fight or Flight’. You may walk into other martial arts clubs and never find out that Shukokai Instructors and their students use the Shukokai impact pad in their training ‘We Don't Punch Thin Air’. You may at this point want to visit www.shukokai.com.

...and go to the history of Sensei Kimura to find out why we mention this. Its your journey!


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