Benefits of Karate in Fife

Chapel Neighborhood Center, KY2 6TT

Saturdays children 4-7 yrs 10 to 11 am
Saturdays Children 8-14 yrs old 11am to 12 pm
Saturdays Senior Adult "Female"12 to 1 pm
Sundays-Children 4 yrs to 14 yrs 4pm to 5pm
Thursday's children 4-14 yrs 6-7pm
Cosmos Center KY16 9LB

Fridays 6-7 pm all ages
Balmaise Neighborhood Center, KY8 5AE

Monday Nights 6-7 pm children only


Below are 5 common reasons why parents enroll their children into 'Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland'. Read them carefully and consider why you want your child to train and try to establish what your motivations and goals are. Discuss with your children the benefits of karate and see whether their wellbeing will increase.

1. Physical Fitness

Studies show that children today spend a greater proportion of their time, than ever before, engaged in sedate activities such as computer gaming and watching TV. Shukokai Karate is attractive as it provides a good source of exercise. Karate improves cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength and improves overall energy levels.

2. Life Skills

Many new recruits look to their karate to develop life skills. This includes discipline, self-control, patience, courage and respect for others.

3. Self Defence

Self defence is probably the most obvious reason why a child may want to enrol in the academy. The focus within the academy, while still teaching self defence movements, is on conflict resolution, personal responsibility and avoidance. Victims of bullying for example are taught how to calm a situation or defend oneself if required.

4. Modelling Positive Behaviour

Parents often seek out a reputable Martial Arts School if their child is behaving in a challenging manner at school or in the home. This reason links with life skills but many parents are looking for specific improvements in their child's attention span, demeanour and self control for example. If strong relationships are forged between parents and their children within the Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland, history has shown that we have had very positive results in this area.

5. Safe and Secure Environment

The Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland provides a safe, wholesome and useful activity to occupy some of the free time that your child has. The academy organises and participates in many competitions and social events. Parental involvement in these activities is greatly encouraged and helps to cement the partnership between you and your child referred to above. Be sure to discuss your goals with your child and come to an understanding that will make both of you happy.