Welcome to our academy's 12-15 years children section and incorporating 16-18 years senior youth section.

By the time your child reaches this age category we are hoping that he or she has been training with us for a long time as this is the most crucial time of your child's development in today's society.

The teenage years and high school life is full of challenges and it can be a time of great anxiety for parents and children alike. Teenagers can be drawn to the wrong paths in life simply because of peer pressure often led by groups who conform to a non sporting majority and who channel their energies in less than constructive ways.

This is a time where we hope that our academy can step in and alleviate the problem of worry! We curretly run a high school Karate Club in BELL BAXTER HIGH SCHOOL on Friday afternoons 3-30 to 5pm Also, In this age category we will offer your child opportunity to train with KOS and SKGB coaches. If he or she has been successful in the 14 years and above categories they may be asked to represent Scotland at the Junior European and World events sanctioned by the World Karate Federation.

We also offer opportunity to trial and compete for the Fife Olympiad 'Team Fife' on a 3 year rotational basis with another 6 European Countries. For example at present the next event our students are currently preparing for is in Turkey in 2014.

Fife Olympiad

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Earning The Karate Black Belt

Junior Black Belt status can be acquired in the 14-16 year category and senior black belt is at 18 years old. Our academy prides itself on awarding the black belt when the honour to wear it has been attained.  Whilst we are always actively encouraging our students to set their goals high we do not operate a policy of fast-tracking students to the 'black' in this academy.

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