Healthy Development of Young People in Fife


Our Academy has trained many karate champions over the years, but our primary focus is on the healthy development of young people.  Humans are social creatures and from a young age strive to be liked and noticed by others.  Children are especially impressionable and sadly society does not always provide the best role models for them to follow.

Membership of one of our Karate Academy fulfils that need to belong.  Karate does not discriminate against age, size, build, gender or ethnic group.  Instead it fosters the development of your child so that he or she may learn and master life-changing skills.

Students of Karate

In Fife all our students of Karate learn to master skills such as balance, focus, co-ordination, discipline, strength, fitness and respect. Our martial arts instructors are dedicated to their craft and for many children they will be life-long mentors. Karate is not just a competitive sport for individuals and teams it is a positive upbringing.

Karate Champions

Before a child enrols into the Shukokai Karate Academy Scotland he/she must enter into a partnership with their parents.  The partnership is simple and is based around motivation and goals.  First of all the child needs to be motivated to learn the skills of Karate and both parents and the child need to enjoy the training that goes with this.   For parents the goals are to see their child master the art of Karate either through success at competition or by simple recognition that their child is focused on improving their technique.

Get in Touch

If you want your children to benefit from growing up within the disciplined and nurturing community here at Shukokai Karate Academy Fife, give us a call. The whole family will benefit from membership! Send an email and we’ll get back to you with any information you need.